In the struggle to get ahead
A man must do that which he must
Toil as much as you crave
Or crave as much as you plot
With all hopes and aspirations
The dignity of labor rewarding
Sometimes late, other times not
For the unfortunate, never
To whom is the secrets of life given?
None, for we all journey in the dark
Stumble and crawl
At the weak light from tunnel’s end
Passion and energy
Constantly at the ears
With whispers of encouragement
Oh, the folly of hope
For tomorrow is not promised
Through the thorny path
That must bring scars
Scars that must build character
Character that must buy tenacity
And eventually…God willing
Arrival at the land of light
Never take for granted
The sunset, the soft glare of moonlight
Nature’s abundant wonders
And the beauty of everyday living
Those few seconds of calm
The scarce devotion to pleasure
And the priceless worth
of those little things
For that place of solace
Is your peace, your assylum
Your Hybernia…

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