I never heard about Christopher ‘Lonny’ Breaux a.k.a. Frank Ocean until mid 2011. I first heard his unique delivery of the hook on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s ‘No Church In The Wild’ in their ‘Watch The Throne’ album. I was impressed but not interested as such until a month later when I heard ‘Novocane’, a single from his mixtape ‘Nostalgia Ultra’. I was impressed once again by this dude who could tell a story while singing with such a smooth style. I was bumping that song for a while but it never really occurred to me to do a research on who the artist was.

Early 2012, I heard another single ‘Swim Good’ from the same mixtape ‘Nostalgia Ultra’. This time, I was sufficiently interested to google him up and I was impressed to find he was a black man. I’d always thought he was white. From then on, I started paying attention. A flurry of other songs reached me in a row, both official and unofficial releases that left me dazed at the immense talent of this 24 year old R & B singer. My anticipation for his debut album increased astronomically.

However, I was severely heart-broken when on the 4th of July, he published an open letter on his Tumblr blog recounting unrequited feelings of affection he had for another young man when he was 19 who he stated, was his first true love. The rage that followed on twitter by his steady growing number of followers was palpable. I was still in denial about this confession so I went back and replayed ‘Novocane’ and BAM! There it was sticking out like a sore thumb! A very subtle hint to his sexuality as he referred to the object of the song as a ‘she’ but says this on the hook:

“Novocane baby baby/ novocane baby, I want ya…/F*#k me good, f*#k long, f*#k me numb”

Now, hold it right there! “F*#k me numb”?! Can this happen to a guy giving it to a girl? No way! Except he’s being hit at the wrong place. Brrrrrr! I even shudder to think about it.

With this realization came regret and anger followed. I am a sucker for good music and a connoisseur of musical talent. Frank Ocean is undeniably the most talented and pure R & B artiste I have ever heard in recent times. I was so pissed, so enraged like his followers on twitter but I was determined not to lose my cool by posting obscene tweets. However, I was at loss at whom to direct my anger. How could one so talented be an embodiment of what I detested? Is this the first time I’m hearing about a gay singer, you may ask? Of course not! We all know about Sir Elton John, George Michael and Luther Vandross. I loved the song ‘sacrifice’ but the moment I heard Elton John was gay, I lost interest in that and any other song he released. In the same way, I never cared much for George Michael or Luther Vandross. So then, what’s the big deal with Frank Ocean? I was already addicted to ‘Novocane’! Several times after the song played out on my playlist, I felt so bad that I had to rant on twitter to feel better.

I can feel your judgmental thoughts against me already and I don’t blame you. In many ways, It doesn’t feel right to judge a man by his sexual orientation (I can’t believe I actually wrote that) but I’m also a firm believer that there’s only one true form of sexual orientation. Homosexuality is a perversion of nature and it will always be and as such, should be discouraged. I’m not even going to bring up the biblical angle. Was it not French physicist, Charles Augustin de Coulomb that said like charges repel and opposites attract? Its a basic rule of nature that I’ve found to be applicable in almost all spheres of endeavour as a result of the dual nature of life. This should suffice for now as the basis of my uncompromising stand. I’ve been very fortunate not to have had a friend who is gay and I pray it stays that way because folks that call me ‘homophobic’ say all kinds of sweet things about them. Frankly, you could be sweeter than honey but once you are gay, I couldn’t care less about having you around me because I’d have to watch my back at all times whenever you are around. Pretty much like going to church on a Sunday in Borno State. Yeah, I’m that paranoid.

My problem with Frank Ocean right now is that he’s just too talented, too gifted and as I see it, a force that’s going to take the music world by storm. What’s worse? The dude is bold, too damn bold! I’ve heard some other songs from his new album ‘Channel Orange’ which was released on the 10th of July, 2012 and was shocked out of my wits to discover open tributes and references to homosexuality! The first I heard was ‘Forest Gump’ where he goes on and on about a guy. Great tune, great beats but insufferable lyrics. The next was ‘Bad Religion’ where he supposedly bares his mind to a cab driver. Then there was this track, ‘We All Try’ where he goes all out trying to sell the idea of homosexuality in a most convincing manner. In what I’d classify as a beautiful song, he says:

“…I believe marriage is not between a man and a woman but between love and love…”

To the unassuming mind, this is a statement that could win almost anybody over with its ‘open mindedness’ but in actual fact, its a subtle encouragement to turn from the laws of nature to perversion.

We live in a dangerous world today. Changing times have caused people to forget the real value of real things. The importance of restrictions on freedom can never be overemphasized for no one is truly free when freedom has no restrictions. If there ever was a time to be wary of the Entertainment Industry in America, it is now. The music industry has the most influencing reach amongst our youngsters and the sudden boldness and rate at with which drugs, promiscuity (Rihanna), devil worship (Lady Gaga) and now homosexuality (Frank Ocean) are being preached is alarming. If you ever doubted the Illuminati conspiracies, perhaps now is the time to start paying attention. When Jay-Z, 50 cent and other rappers declared their support for homosexuality, I stated in one of my earlier articles, The Nagging Issue of Legitimate Homosexual Unions that if they felt so strongly about it, they should have included it in their rap lyrics. Perhaps, I spoke too soon.

That being said, I’d like to add that most of these musicians, stars and idols in Hollywood are fore-runners of the anti-christ. They are trying to soften us for his apparent arrival which appears imminent. That is why we need to really watch the kind of songs, movies, websites, news, books and any other form of educative media our younger generation are exposed to. Its songs like Frank Ocean’s that’ll make homosexuality seem ok or an ‘alternative life style’ as they call it. Let’s not be deceived.


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