Look into my eyes
Can you see the light you lit?
Feel my heart
The drums are out tonight
Can you feel the rhythm?
Can you hear the song?
Come close
My strong arms will hold you tight
As we sway to the music of the night

In this island of my mind
We are Adam and Eve
As naked as birth
Pure in heart, partners for life
In whim and in sin
Nothing is forbidden
The moon smiles at us
The wind and trees; our dance troupe
This must be paradise

We pant as we dance
In unison, as one
The sand grateful for the sweat
That pours from our brows
The logs on the bonfire
Crackles and comes alive
Edging us on
Its cool heat protecting us
From the excitement of the winds

Nature is beautiful
Love is divine
Inseparable, we are
Bound by the night and dance
You are my queen of the night
I am the king of hearts
We come alive when we are alone
We own the night
And the island is our home


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