It was sad to hear his story
The tale of a thug who loved
The man who ached for change
And when she came along
He had found his escape
Day by day, he wooed
With words and songs
Letters and poetry
Night by night, he lived his fantasy
Where they belonged together
Dreams came true
His joy untold
Friends and family, he abandoned
Sparing attention on none but her
Family complained, friends grumbled
But he was struck
Irrational became rational
Illogical became logical
Senseless became sense
Time dulled the mind
And blindness crept unseen, unchecked
Till he became a shadow of himself
Her will, his hands
And paradise was created
A world for just two
As everything else faded
All else now insignificant worries
In fairness, she loved
Almost as much as he
But she had a dreadful secret
One he was so blissfully unaware
With great caution, she moved
And on occasion
The truth he stumbled upon
He saw as laughable and shoved aside
The deception was complete
She could do no wrong
She grew bolder
And more reckless
And soon, friends spoke up
Without the fear of alienation
He chose to thread softly
He’d rather not be made a fool of
But he was eventually
Shock came into reluctant hands
Heart gradually fell apart
But a thug is a thug
Vengeance he meted out
Betrayal, he wouldn’t tolerate
Satisfaction came not
Neither did the heart mend
So he set sail
A journey to the end of the world
In search of everything else
But love.


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