Do you believe in fate?

Is there truly a force on the planet that unites two people of entirely different backgrounds and orientations?

Could it be that all past experiences, both negative and positive was all about this one moment when we would meet and the earth would stand still?

Could this be that unique moment of clarity where we find similarity in difference, unity in diversity, harmony in chaos, good in evil, joy in sadness, love in a world full of hate?

I had a dream once. A dream of the perfect blend of colors making a rainbow; a dream about the cleansing power of music; a dream about the beauty of art; a dream of peace and bliss; a dream about time and how she became my friend.

That dream was about you. I’ve never met you but you’re a voice in my head. I’ve never touched you but you’ve touched my heart in ways you cannot imagine. I’ve never kissed you but my knees buckle at the thought. I’ve never seen you bare but there’s a longing in my loins.

Our souls met. Our souls mated. Our souls became mates…soul mates.

My imaginations are wild now. My dreams have become feverish. Its always about you. I try to fight you off. I fail because, in reality I duel against myself. I don’t want to go there but now I’m exhausted. I finally find peace in total surrender. It certainly is that time.

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe that God gave me a gift so that I could call out to you? From the wilderness of despair, from the forest of death; you heard my song and you came to me.

Can we walk out of here…together? Do we escape into the sunlight, and walk arm in arm by the sea shore?

Or are we doomed to get lost in this maze?

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