When love takes over
The air is fresher
The grass is greener
The colours are brighter
And the head is lighter

A smile comes without effort
As the fantasies become home
Inspiration comes with ease
As the world is a lot more beautiful
Because you shared yours

The distance moves me to poetry
The unsteady rhythm of my heart
Makes new music to my ears
My lips tremble when I say your name
Anticipation plagues; to see you I must!

I am but a shadow of myself
Whole but half complete
At peace but restless
Half crazy, half sane
With no other but you to blame

The flame burns with intensity
With strong winds, it is made stronger
And the sounds of music go farther
Spreading warmth and calm
A glimpse of paradise for my eyes

When love takes over
Its a crazy feeling
You rule my thoughts my queen
And lift my soul to mounts unseen
Lighting up desire in my being