Lost in the deep for years on end
Surrounded by total darkness
Choked by absolute nothingness
Plagued with fear of the unknown
As time crept, in meaningless existence

Tormented by my thoughts
Taunted by the world
I retreated back to my shell
To find comfort in loneliness
And make peace with my misery

The world is cruel; as are the people in it
Even when hands were extended
I cringed, preferring my solace of pain
Nagging doubts over good intentions
Suspicion bordering on paranoia

It was a world without light
A world without Christ, but he came
His presence illuminated my dungeon
His kind voice spoke to my heart
His hands wiped away my tears

My world lit up as bright as neon
For he infused my dark soul with light
My eyes shed tears no more
For He gave me the cloak of laughter
Now, all I see is beauty in the world


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