There was a dream once
Of a beautiful young belle
Soft spoken and endowed
Versatile and well skilled
Courted by many
Till a subtle maneuver
And not-too-subtle overtures
Made her the unwilling maid of another
She became the victim
Of domestic violence
As he violated her, time and time again
Her children arose in anger
In defiance they stood up to him
And like King Pharoah of old
He let the people go
They began the Isrealite journey
Burning with hope and excitement
The future looked bright
Green land lay at the horizon
The wilderness the only obstacle
Armed with compass and map
They began the tedious trip
And conflict emerged
Coups and counter-coups
Brothers killed brothers
To lead mother by the hand
Mother shed tears of sorrow
For her bountiful jewels
Inspired insatiable greed
52 years on, mother still weeps
For her sons developed
Oedipal complex
And violated her over and over again
She cried silent tears
As she was plundered without mercy
Her once radiant beauty
Dulled by lust and mediocrity
But yet she hopes
And for hope, she carries on
Her suckling babes show promise
Proper heirs to her precious box
Where her finest treasures
Lay patiently, for a worthy guide
A guide to green land

Happy Birthday Nigeria!


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