Dear God,

I awoke on the morning of October 2nd, 2012 with gratitude in my heart for the opportunity to see the light of another day, to feel the warmth of the sun on my face, the kiss of the smooth breeze on my cheek, the love in my heart to see the smiles on the faces of my family and above all, another second chance out of the numerous second chances you’ve given.

The gladness in my heart evaporated however when I heard of the Mubi Massacre. Forty eight (48) young lives senselessly taken! It didn’t sink in at first, as much as it should have. Waking up to news such as this with almost radical frequency takes its toll and sort of numbs the mind, body and soul. A kind of resignation overwhelmed my soul as echoes of “God will deliver this nation” escaped the lips of many demoralized Nigerians who have been forced to live with this scourge of senseless violence which is steadily diminishing our psyche and the hope of a better tomorrow.

My heart shed tears even as a dark cloud hovered above me that day. Depression set in but I knew not why. The usual spark which epitomizes me was replaced with a bright dullness of spirit. It wasn’t until later that day that I understood why I felt the way I did. It was all about a question; a question that has been asked by all men of all ages in the history of time. Why?

Why is there so much injustice in the world? Why have you allowed this much pain upon mankind; an unworthy race that you yet sent your only begotten son to die for? Has your compassion on us run out already? Has your pain at the evil and bloodthirsty nature of man caused you to turn your face away?

The devil is powerful and potent. I know that now. For the heart of man to lose the spirit of decency and imbibe such unnatural feelings of hatred towards his own kind and be inspired to plot the gruesome and violent end for many, he is powerful. But You are more powerful; You are power and You are good. You created Lucifer who became evil so good created evil. As light expels darkness, so does good triumph evil. A soul cannot die so the devil continues to live and having being made the prince of this world, men who live in this world are more subjected to his enticements rather than the voice of God.

No man is innocent by virtue of sin. Before God, sin has no degree. No matter how small or how big, it is what it is, sin. It is in a man’s nature to justify self-righteousness, to see one sin as more understandable than the other, or less treacherous than the other but your ways, O Lord are not our ways. Our self-righteousness are as filth before You and its not hard to understand why. From time immemorial, man has always sought the easy way out. That is why he made tools; tools that have advanced the human race and now threatens its very existence.

What hurts me is why blameless people before you and the “innocent” become victims and preys of these blood thirsty predators? Why do we breathe the same air, see the same sun, feel the same breeze and experience love as these evil men do? These spawned of the damned who see no satisfaction in life except when the peaceful world we live in is plunged into chaos under whatever guise? Why do these men who deny others the second chance that you freely gave, deserve a second chance everyday? Why is your anger not kindled greatly against them? You are peace, love, joy and everything that is good. Why do you permit evil men inspired by the devil, to kill in Your holy name?

Its awefully hard to keep the faith which you demand of us when it seems you are so removed from our midst. We are the cause of this predicament, we know. We are not being treated any differently from your chosen people because you are just. All I ask is a little help. Send us a leader who will bring a revival, like the great King Josiah who inspired your children back to true worship and fellowship. Free Nigeria from the evil circle of leadership that has kept her people’s mind, body and soul in perpetual bondage and slavery.

Our hearts cry for a change, our soul craves it even as our lips confess it.


Yours truly,

A Concerned Citizen.