The upright man
Desired tools, and tools he created
With this was his life made easier
With less crude methods of survival
Thus came the thinking cap
And the fiery pursuit of knowledge
The mind turned out
To be a far greater tool
Drunken by new found power
And the endless possibilities
Afforded by this thought machine
He sought to conquer the world
Not once refraining from
Dishing death to fellows
Absolute power he chased
Like a fair maiden
Till he gorged himself
On the blood of the simple

Time flew, agitations grew
A new thought awoke
And set the hearts of the young ablaze
Tolerance, was the gospel
Only peace could sustain
The remnants of our frail nature
But he arose again
Time tempering not evil machinations
Corrupt thoughts spread like cancer
Blood, bombs and charred flesh
Smoke, debris, chaos, leveled cities
To bring a smile on the face
Of the blood thirsty demon
With the mask of an angel

Take a cue from nature
Whose light shine on all
Whose rain discriminates not
The elements are all our friends
Regarding not greatness, colour or creed
But the right to be
Only, the right to be


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