When all that is left
Is a photo and a memory
We long for what was
The beautiful past that faded
From the physical to ephemeral
A flash that dances
With taunts in its springs
The future we once held dear
Dissolved into nothingness
A futile grasp at smoke
Memories and forgetfulness
Defining the fine line
Between elation and deflation
To have what is no more

Trapped in time
The images peer back
That smile that is forever
That outing that remained still
That love, forever unmatched
That bosom friendship
Fresh like yesterday
But long gone
The pride in father’s eyes
The unconditional support and belief
In mother’s eyes
The eternal defense of a sibling
That moment of pride and victory
Sweet youth, than ran after time

Forever a reminder
Of what was which is no more
A pain, but joy to have known
Scars, scabs and the new man
The tears in laughter
Untouchable visions of lessons
The essence of all things past
That live within
Rejuvenated by thoughts so dear
Forever transmitted from heart to heart
Lips to lips and song to song
But as fleeting as they come


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