On a fanciful chariot he arrived
Bedecked in his trademark fedora
And unfashionable fashion of plainness
With the mild character
Oft mistaken for the meekness of lambs
A child born on shoulders of grace
And so gracefully carried
The wiles of the crafty old tortoise
Penned fortunes
And peak ascension was inevitable
Clothed in humility, garbed in honesty
Surrounded by a loquacious army
The Tower of Babel found a voice
As emotions and festering differences
Gathered momentum and,
Became the gospel of the day
Confusion sought order
Beguiled by the appearance of divine,
The humility of identity
Held sway over iron fists,
And jamborees in honour of reason
As shoes became matters
Of national importance
Traitorous “patriots” made deals
Dirty handshakes solidified
Tacit understanding for
Swollen accounts and opposition drama
The uncompromising war lords barked
The future was at stake
In the end, it was a Napoleonic victory
Power got power
And thus came the Squealer
Skipping from side to side
In morbid defense of blunder
And the purchase of attack dogs
So well fed, they morphed into lions
Going all out against logic and reason
As the ever increasing gap
Widened further
In deference to institutionalized roguery

Now, they groan in pain
Under his Rehoboamic disposition
Misplaced priorities they say
And like the ghost of past errors
I jeer in delight
Not because I like it
Not because I don’t feel the pain
But to bring to light
Recurring stupidity in the guise
Of sentiments
Unnecessary matters of emotion
Are never worthy of consideration

If you have finally grasped understanding, from series
Of never ending storms
And the ravage of the insatiable worms
The gall of experience must
Have crystallized the sagely saying
“All that glitters is not gold”
Like lustre over whited sepulchers
Tis naught but a medium for deception

Malcolm O. Ifi