Love and friendship: a very thin line separates them. In fact, I think they can be used interchangeably because friendship is love and love is friendship. Love can never exist without friendship and similarly, friendship can never exist without love.

I once read that there are no permanent friendships, only permanent interests and I was of that train of thought simply because friendship is all about benefits really. There’s the benefactor and the beneficiary but its not about who gives and who receives. Its about that urge to give without needing to receive back. If its reciprocal, its certainly welcome but its not the focal point – like we are taking scores. It comes from down within and its accompanied with so much joy.

This leads me to a story; a story about love and friendship that developed from the social media; Twitter to be precise. I am a budding writer with a lot of potential. I like to think so and fortunately, so many others do too. I was born with an over-active mind that always created and painted scenarios in my minds eye. My creativity engulfs me mostly in my private moments which I enjoy immensely but that doesn’t make me socially awkward. I enjoy good company because it inspires me.

I’ve been often mistaken to be a shy guy with the opposite sex. Its not like I’m incapacitated verbally or anything. Trust me, I talk as good as I write; maybe even better but I get so engrossed with the feminine sexuality that sometimes, I’m at loss for words. I love women; the idea of the opposite sex tickles and excites me. It makes me methodical and reveals my artistic inclination so I devote a near worship of those things that make them so different from me.

However, besides the special physical attributes of women, It can’t be all about the package. Interests based solely on physical characteristics are fleeting at best. Men who seek for something deeper and much more meaningful move on after while. Being a man, I’m ingrained with the basic psychological make up of most men. I appreciate beauty and the adore the feminine sexuality. If you ever had to wonder how awesome God is, a woman’s body can tell you that. Its something more wonderful than refining a diamond out of a rock. However, a woman has got to add value to herself because with the passage of time, the rainbow colour of youth and beauty fades, leaving behind a shallow or insightful personality within its mortal shell.

I’m rambling. Let me get to the point. How did we meet? She is a voracious reader and I enjoy doling it out as it comes. We got chatting after she felt the need to engage me more directly and in the discussions that followed, we learned a lot about each other. Our conversations were mature and sometimes, straight up philosophical but she totally knocked my socks off when I found out how young she was. She’s very young. When she told me how old she was, I had to go through our old conversations to try to match them with her age. I couldn’t!

From then on, I was so sure that I wanted to meet her. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I felt I was being “punk’d”. She probably was lying about her age. Women do that a lot, I rationalized. Well, an opportunity presented itself and we took it. We met at an organized get-together and my first impression was she can’t be lying about her age. She had a really small stature in deep contrast to mine. The internal conflict that erupted in me as a result of trying to merge her age with her maturity was too much to bear so I let it be.

What struck me most was her eyes. I’m a sucker for pretty eyes and those eyes glittered like floating pearls in blue waters at dawn. Her voice betrayed her age, but not the wisdom in it. Our conversation was brief but by then, I was intrigued. So from that day forward, we talked almost everyday unraveling ourselves further only to discover that in many ways, we were peas in a pod. What are the odds of that happening, right?

Well, I guess it was pretty much an avalanche from there. We hung out together two more times to solidify the fact we indeed had something special going on. It was mutual and it was natural. There was hardly the need for superfluous words or acts of chivalry. It was the right kind of fine mix of perfect imperfection guided purely by instinct and divine intervention, I believe.

I swear I feel embarrassed sometimes to have found someone so young who is intellectually my equal but it is a refreshing change. A change from the mundane cliche of what relationships are today or what they ought to be like. What we have is not physical – not yet; Its purely intellectual. It is not polluted by the every day reality of materialism and lust. It is something else. It is love; it is friendship.

She is a potent source of inspiration and she inspired this piece.

For Maye.