The rib was the genesis
From a piece of bone came the fulcrum
Soft, lithe and gentle in deep contrast
To the gruff and abrasive
From whence it came
Capable in care
A testament to art and beauty in heaven
Evoking the most powerful emotion
True treasures to hold and cherish
Vessels of unfathomable depths
Of strength
Willingly shared,
Inspiring the world of men

From her bosom
Are the greatest of men formed
To men she gave reason
To sheath and unsheath swords
Like Helen of Troy
She drove the race of men wild
So did she deliver us like Eva
In Theresa did we know
That one heart could millions hold

Who hath experienced
A mother’s love
A sister’s loyalty
A lovers heart
The companionship of a wife
And the adoration of a daughter?
Happy art thou
For in this
Is the mystery of life
And the nature of God revealed

Oh woman,
Nature subjugated thee
But you rose through silent struggle
Bearing no grudges
Showing rare wisdom and mettle
In the blackened smokes of the hearth
In deathly pains to give life
In the selfless passion of nurture

You are mankind
And mankind is you
For none can deny the touch of God
Through your hands
Oh woman-ity,
How we adore thee!

Malcolm O. Ifi.