“Isn’t this that nurse at the hospital?!” She asked, her eyes sparking with anger.

“So?” I asked.

“What is she calling you for?” She asked, holding the ringing phone just away from my reach.

“Pass me my phone jor. I don’t have time to answer 21 questions.” I said, my patience thinning out.

“Why is she calling you?” She asked stubbornly still looking at the phone until it rang out.

“How the fuck is that your concern?” I asked angrily. “Pass me my phone right now!”

She ignored me. She kept looking at the phone display expecting the call to return and in a few seconds, it did. A flash from the past hit me – before I met good fortune. There was this cute young lady in my former office many years ago who fancied me; Meme by name. Somehow, I managed to keep our relationship on a platonic level but she called me every now and then, usually for work related stuffs. Lola had actually answered her call while I was in the bathroom one day and insulted the living daylight out of Meme without even telling me a thing. You can imagine my shock the next day at work when Meme told me all about it. She only said one thing to me that struck a resounding cord in my head.

“Put that girl on a leash. She’s taking too much for granted.”

I never forgot that statement especially after reality struck and I realised that she had been playing me the whole time. Worse still, somehow after the incident, we never talked about it. History was not going to repeat itself!

She had already pressed the button to take the call. I lunged forward in my nakedness and snatched the phone from her hand, hurting her unintentionally in the process. She screamed more from shock than pain.

“Hey sweetie! How are you doing? I was actually just thinking of you now.” I said sweetly and audibly for Lola to hear as I picked my clothes from the floor.

Her eyes were wide with shock as she stared at me speechless as I totally ignored her and headed towards the bedroom. She was up in swift pursuit. I had entered my room and was about to shut the door when Lola barged in, hitting the door against me. I staggered as I lost balance but quickly recovered well enough to hear Bola ask what was going on.

“Bola, let me get back to you.” I said softly, ending the call. Lola grabbed my hands screaming like a crazy woman.

“How dare you treat me like this?!” She screamed, trying to pry my mobile phone loose from my hand. “How dare you?!”

I pushed her away bemused with shock!

“What is wrong with you? Have you gone insane?!” I quickly struggled into my boxer. I would be greatly at risk if she decided to attack me while I was naked.

“You can’t treat me like this after making love to me. After all I have gone through because of you these past few weeks!” She cried, tears rolling down her eyes.

“What you went through?!” I asked, totally confused. “Was I not the one on the hospital bed?”

“Do you know the torture I went through?” She asked.

“Torture? What torture?!”

“The psychological torture. The evil looks I got from your mother and Maxwell…”

“And they are to blame for that?” I laughed not waiting for her to answer.

She looked at me with a genuine shock that surprised me. Without a word, she went back to the sitting room and picked up her clothes, dressed up and went out of the door.

“Where are you going?” I called out but she didn’t turn back or even act like she heard me.

I went after her and just as she got to the gate, I caught her hand and stopped her. She turned and faced me with tears in her eyes.

“What’s the matter with you? Why ruin a good moment with baseless accusations?” I asked softly.

She didn’t reply.

“Ok. I’m sorry for what I said but why jump into the conclusion that there’s something going on between me and the nurse?”

“I’ve seen the way she looks at you and I saw the way you looked at her…” She said her voice breaking, her chest heaving.

“That’s hardly enough for you to conclude, come on!”

“Then why is she calling you?” She asked her voice still breaking.

“Come on! Don’t let your imaginations run wild. She’s someone I’m indebted to for taking good care of me. You of all people should know that. Come…” I said, pulling her to myself. She didn’t resist but the moment her face hit my chest, she burst into tears.

“I’m sorry. I just got so scared…” She cried.

“Shhhh…don’t worry about it. Neither should you give in to your fears.” I cooed. “Let’s just take it slow and steady, ok?” I said, looking into her eyes.

She nodded and wiped her eyes and finally gave me a smile.

“Aha, that’s more like it. You look like an angel when you smile.” She smiled even more and I lifted her off the ground to her delight and took her back inside.

I don’t know why I stopped her from leaving because I knew I really should have let her go especially as I was now convinced that there was no way forward for both of us. Her display made wonder if she was mentally balanced because I didn’t think Bola’s call would tick her off so badly. Ok, I knew it would…I wanted her to feel a little jealous but her reaction was overboard.

Strangely, this little drama made my adrenaline pump and I kind of enjoyed it; it was very different from my boring routine of work, work, work. There was a hint of danger surrounding her and I found it oddly exciting; and the sex, it was great, better than I could remember. I wasn’t ready to give it up just yet.

This time, I carried her straight to my bedroom. She undressed herself, her movements slow and sensual while she gave me that sultry look that set my blood on fire. I just sat on the bed feasting on her body with my eyes. Then she came to me, her movement slow and deliberate as she undressed me, ready to please.

Malcolm O. Ifi.