To the Orange Sun.

It was weird getting to know her. For a moment, it felt like I was gazing into my own reflection in the mirror. She had such an acute mind and an uncanny ability to keep me spell-bound with her conversations; a rare feat to achieve these days. There was always so much to tell and with each revelation was a stronger bond formed.

My invincible wall seemed to crumble at her feet effortlessly; a constant source of annoyance. We don’t do this no more, the head said. We thread with caution now. Wouldn’t want history to repeat itself now, would we? History never favoured past experiences which were replete with failures; a smooth start and a rancorous end. It is a tough battle trying to please your head and heart knowing they both mean well, I mused. I am stuck in between remaining in my windowless cubicle or to see the moon again and have a feel of the evening breeze. I realise the danger in the safety my head proposes but the optimism of the heart is infectious.

The mystery of it all is you never know how these things turn out. Prospects are bright but always vague. Would we rather have tried and lost or be plagued with the what-ifs of a time bygone? Would I be called brave for venturing out of my shell? Would it be a dangerous or adventurous story or both? Be true to me, the heart says and your dream may come true. The head counters; you will always be safe with me. My benevolence extends to even my arch-rival. If you heed her, you’re both lost without me.

The argument continues but a gaze at her smiling face mutes them both. The dream is pure, the fantasy is bliss. Time and space leap in giant bounds to close the distance that is the last barrier. She is the greener grass that is over the fence; the lone flower that blossomed in the desert; the resilient heart that stood firm and resolute, just as the horned ram. Preconceived notions now waver as possibilities stand out sure. The ballast of my thoughts elevates as the view is clearer from up there.

When we get there, we shall explore the island because it will be beautiful, if we are who we say we are.