“Good morning beautiful.” I said smiling.

Bola shifted lazily on the bed and mumbled something inaudible and continued to sleep with the sheets barely covering her incredible nudity. I stood for a while to admire the reflection of the sun on her polished brown skin, the undulating curves that made up a slim waist and a wonderful back side. I felt myself grow hard as the “other me” tried to take over my reasoning faculty but I cautioned myself quickly. There was a much greater task ahead.

Its been almost three months since I expelled Lola from my life and life had never been sweeter. Bola was a constant surprise; she had made my life so much easier. I took her any and everywhere as much as I could because I never wanted her to leave my sight. However, she had quite a tough schedule and I never really liked much the idea of her on night shifts especially with the threat of Lola still out there. I drove her there on such nights despite her protests. I wasn’t afraid of Lola because I knew that when it got down to it, I could handle her. What I couldn’t handle would be anything happening to Bola.

I came clean to Bola on everything that happened between us but she found it hard to believe that Lola could be mentally unstable and constantly laughed at my “paranoia”. I knew Lola to be quite vindictive so I suspected that despite the fact that she had let me be for some time, I couldn’t afford to lull myself to a state of false security.

I had to change the locks to the house when I noticed a set of keys was missing and warn Abdul to never let her inside the compound under whatever pretext. She had asked me for my keys once which I had refused. Then she had tried other means, by leaving bits and pieces of clothing around but I made sure she took them with her. All attempts by her to make a camp in my house failed. After her first display, I had cautioned myself to keep her at an arms length and I did.

Sadly, Bola never understood why I was so cautious. She was a free-spirited lady who was determined to believe in the innate good in people. She was an incurable optimist; a trait I adored but not in this matter. Lola had given me really bad vibes and I considered taking drastic actions but what if she just made an empty threat? I laughed at myself. That was exactly what Bola would say.

I turned my attention back to her. There was a peaceful and satisfied expression on her face as she slept. I dropped the tray consisting of a plate of toast, fried eggs, orange juice and dessert on the bedside table and sat down next to her on the bed. She was still fast asleep and I didn’t blame her. Where the energy of last night came from is still a mystery. It had started with the movies; both of us with Max and his fiancee, Dorothy who had just come back from the UK where she had just completed her Masters. After a highly disappointing movie, we decided to head to a karaoke bar where we decided that Bola could be the next big thing in the music industry if she really cared.

After a large number of drinks, Max and I parted ways at about 2:30am and the moment Bola and I got home, it was a race to see who could undress the other first. Our clothes formed a trail of bread crumbs to the bedroom where we fell into bouts and bouts of passionate love making till we fell into exhaustion-induced sleep. I had laughed at the thought of Hansel and Gretel when I saw the trail of clothes leading to the bedroom when I went to fix her breakfast.

I traced my fingers on her perfect body as I watched intently for any reaction. There was none. I sighed a bit disappointed that things weren’t going as I had planned it but there was always room for improvisation. I leaned over and kissed her cheeks. She stirred with a smile and drew me closer for a full kiss.

“I thought I was going to have to pour some ice water on you.” I said smiling.

“How come you’re up so early? What time is it?” She asked stretching and kicking off the covers and exposing her full body.

“I made you breakfast.” I said, handing her a glass of juice.

“Oh baby…” She exclaimed with a smile accepting the glass. “You do think of everything. I’m actually starving.”

“I knew you would be.” I said as I watched her sip. After she was done with it, I handed her a plate of toast and fried eggs. She took the first bite and savoured it; it was good.

“Where’s yours?” She asked when she saw me just watching her.

“Mine? Oh, I’m good. I’ll have something much later.” I said.

“You sure? We could share. Its really good.” She said, trying to feed me a bite but I declined.

“Is it poisoned?” She asked suspiciously.

“Perhaps.” I said smiling mischievously.

She laughed and continued to eat while I sat with her, passing her the glass of juice between intervals. When she finished, she sighed with satisfaction.

“Darling, that was great.” She said kissing me again. I nodded and kept smiling.

“I don’t know why you’ve been staring at me. Do I look like a movie?” She asked, frowning. I laughed as she drew up the bed covers over her body.

“I’m just wondering if you just fed me now to have me for breakfast. The way you’re looking at me is predatory.” She continued with a hilarious expression on her face.

“That’s the plan.” I said giving her my most charming smile. “But you’re not done with breakfast yet.”

“Do you intend to over feed me on this bed this morning?” She asked, laughing merrily.


She looked at the bedside table and saw the smaller plate with the contents covered.

“What’s inside?” She asked suspiciously again.

“Dessert.” I said.

“Yaayyy! I love dessert!!” She exclaimed but stopped short. “Is this a two course meal?”

“No. Three.”

“Three? I don’t see a third plate.” She said, looking at me with a frown.

“You’re talking with your meal.” I said grinning.

She laughed loud and punched me on my arm. I reached out for the covered plate and handed it to her. She opened the cover and gasped, as her hand flew to her mouth. With shaking hands, she took the case and opened it. The moment she saw the contents of the case, she burst into tears. I went on my knees and held her left hand and took the content of the box looking at her eyes as I spoke.

“Bola, would you do me the honour of being my sun, my moon and my star for the rest of my life?” I asked sincerely.

She stifled her sobs and smiled. “That’s not a valid request.” She said shyly and I had to laugh.

“Will you marry me?”

Malcolm O. Ifi.