The heart yearned for its mirror image
A feminine reflection of self
The eyes that would see through mine
And from who’s, I’d draw strength
To counter the delirious weakness
A direct result of awe at perfection
Over time and space continuum
Like silent wishes and prayers
Made at the dash of a shooting star
You were made many years ago
Different from me as I was from you
But made to go through fire
As was I, to fulfill demands of refinement
Walking the tracks of smoldering coal
Moulded at the hands of experience
That revealed our intertwined paths

You were a dream I could only whisper
Sweet, lofty, ephemeral, unattainable
Dissolving into smoke with each grasp
So frustrating
As time and time again
I relapsed to contentment with reality
But the fire only waned
It was never put out
Whiffs of you from a distance
Was enough to rekindle hopes
Hopes so frail, yet so strong
Like Canaries, we sang to each other
With each song came conviction
That breached time and space

A new purpose is set now
The course has been charted
The plan has been altered to fit two
Uncertainty means not much
For certainly, we now walk together
Friends, lovers and partners
Creating paths out of Daedalus’ labyrinth
To the ultimate goal
For which we live and breathe!

Malcolm O. Ifi.