Come to me thou fairest of ladies
For I need thee now
I am frail and weak
The weight of the world is my burden
And the shackles of time, my bond
My wings are clipped
And gravity has me glued to the earth
How I long to soar with the angels
Even as they beckon unto me
Their eyes filled with satisfaction
Of all I hope for

Be patient my love, she said
For good things come to those who wait
And the best for those
Who never settle for less
The moon never appears at daylight
Nor the sun at night
Do not be bowled over by the angels
Or for what thou seest in their pretty eyes
For beyond the glow are invisible tears
And pain well hidden

The forces hold you down
For your time is not yet come
You must learn how to walk
You must learn to run like a gazelle
Before you may take flight
Some are born with perfect wings
Others grow them with time
Each man has a journey
As unique and as different as a thumb print
Be useful as you await your map
For like others, it will lead you home

Malcolm O. Ifi.