By Arinze Ifi.

There can be no poetry where truth is absent. Science speak about facts and rationale, poetry speaks about truth…which is validated by the fluidity of expression, laden with intent so sincere, so true.

Poetry, like truth will not be discerned with fine logic, but by simple understanding the heart it deciphers.

Poetry appeals to the conscience, for that is the place of truth. She need not be refined, neither well organised…she knows her way home, and the choice of how to get there is her prerogative.

As misleading as would be judging character with dress sense, so it is with charming words and poetry. Charming words are calculated whereas poetry is spontaneous; charming words aim to impress whereas poetry aims to express; charming words pay compliment to ego, whereas poetry pays her compliments to nature; charming words are viscous whereas poetry flows through…

In all of my search for peace and tranquil, the abstractions from which I attempt to mould my perfect bliss comes not from anything else but poetry: that mindful expression, visible only to the mind’s eye and leading to the pathway of truth.