Freedom of Speech

Saith Voice of America in broadcast:

in the beginning there was
Adam and Steve whom
each were removed from
the other’s ribs while they slept
and they did rub and compare
moustaches for length
and they were quite some
johnsons and snapped fingers
when they communed with God…

in the other garden down the street
there was Anna and Eve whom
we weren’t so sure whence they came
they constantly haggled
and bickered over hues and shades
and doth had a tree of double-ended
dildoes and met with Lilith in the
garden clubs and became feminists…

and the serpent was confused who
to give the apple and God was confused
who to ask what went wrong and thus
he sent all four away confused even
unto himself, not knowing who did what…

And they expect us to feed on that version
or starve to death… which they haven’t even

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