A year has passed, yet justice continues to elude the family of the brutally slain. May their souls find peace and may the peace of the Lord console their families.

Seun Odukoya


I sat behind my curtains and watched him. The ashewo boyfriend of mine.


He had been there for over two hours; outside the apartment I shared with Monica and Hauwa. He stood there, squatting every now and then to relieve his legs. He stopped knocking a while ago and I just ignored what I hoped was his last call.


Really, what did he want?


To apologize for sleeping with that slut of a girl Yinka? Was he drunk? Crazy or what? Did he think I wouldn’t find out?


“Did you think I wouldn’t find out?!” I said, half out loud. I was sure he could not hear me so I was understandably scared when he raised his head and looked directly at where I was hiding. I gave a little jump.


He looked around at the gate in a listening attitude before turning back…

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