It was the exposure
It was the proximity
It was the willing submission
To whims of emotion
That stirred up old passions again
As all senses of stimuli participated
Actively, with a sense of recklessness
The search for the long lost rake
Revived the undead spirit
Willfully buried under layers of aches

Before the mirror image once again
I stood, penitent
Garbed in the armour of chivalry
Offers of supplication
Sacrifice of time
Birthed glorious memories
Though mischief masked noble pursuits
In time, the thin wisp of smoke
Became mass and developed form
Realer than empirical evidence
Provided by all else

The icicle that should have pierced
In blood and gore
Seeped and caressed in altered state
The invisible phantom
Which began with mental intercourse
Wrecked havoc once again
Declaring in a loud voice
“Slave that thou art
Forever bound in love and pain”
You cannot run, you cannot hide
In due time, find you we shall