The hurt thrives
The mask of nonchalance wears thin
From the scars that remain
A constant reminder of what should have been
What could have been but never was
The memory stays vivid just like yesterday
As it pops in and out at will
How do we forget the pain
And yet, hold on to precious memories?
We do not regret the memory
But we regret the pain
That drops with the weight of an anchor
When we least expect
Life is pain, and pain is love
But love is the substance of all things

The loss is a void that can never be filled
Replacement is the only viable option
To bring back a semblance
Of that which was once sweet
But its never the same
We learn the hard way that sometimes
Letting go is all that is left
Starting from the scratch is hard
But the joy is in watching the sprouting seed
Grow Into a tree
From which branches spread forth
To offer a shade from the sun and rain

In the end, it can be beautiful again
But it is never the same