The red ball came to me on a platter
A gift from the gods
To heal pain of the treasure lost at sea
Its radiant colour dulled the memory
Of past glitter and gold
My companion in lonely moments,
As the attachment grew
It had none of sparkle of the past
But it shined bright like the sun
Powered by fire, it lit the path
Through uncertainty and doubt
And for a while, all was well again
But it bounced, bounced too high
And it knew it bounced
Yet it would not trade air for balance
Its ego inflated as did importance
Till it grew wings and soared
Beyond reach
I lost grip
Threw out the lasso to rein it in
But alas!
The lasso stretched thin…and broke

Not another one gone
Broken dreams, and a broken lasso
Pick up the pieces, we shall
As well as valuable lessons
Perhaps, a ball less inflated
Perhaps, a lasso more thickly spun
Perhaps, more care and skill in care
In anticipation for unwrapped gift box(es)
Or the unlocked chest(s)
That lay ahead
With hopes of the ultimate prize