The glitter of youth will never fade
Though the pain of loss lingers
Of what could and would have been
The beauty of stillness in an eternal pose
Make light the immeasurable loss
The sweetest moments remain
Trapped in the treasure box of time
With the keys forever lost to sad tears
But replaced with joyful memories
Of times past perfectly stowed away
In the restless invisible safetybox covered in
Blood and tissue
To be summoned at will
Or triggered by a glance at the frozen smile
Tastefully preserved on paper,
Frozen motions of happier times
And pleasant thoughts that reside within
As changes come, never will it touch you
Neither will the tough reality of life
Poke at your unchanging beauty
Or colour grey what is black
For you have ascended high and above
Beyond the reach of wrinkling skins
Dimming sights, dying hyper-activity
And the consciousness of passing time
Youthful immortality is who you are
For you are frozen in time
Forever to be loved
Forever to be remembered
For the beauty you gave

For Obii Nwadukwe, Blessing Oruma, Onome Duvie, Isoken Elaho, Precious Odiete, Omoye Omoike and to the rest of my family and friends frozen in time.