Day break.

I awoke to the symphony of birds. The melodious tunes of these beautiful little creatures filled me with nostalgia. I was cast back in time to when my life was easier but difficult…slower. I am irresistibly drawn to nature’s music; the invisible orchestra conducted by the angels themselves. No guitar strings, no piano cords…just the sounds of gratitude for another chance to live in this beautiful world.

The bird-calls lead me outside the confines of what I call home. Its just a few minutes past six on a week day but it feels like Christmas. No activity on the streets yet but from the surrounding houses, I feel the stirring of the various souls residing within.

The air is clear and light with a freshness that feels alien from the tired and saturated one I’m used to. I feel closer to the birds as they sing and hop from tree to tree with glee. The colours on their sleeves are brighter than I can remember and blends perfectly with the green upon which they reside.

I take a minute to inhale life and all its goodness. The feel of the rush of clean air in my lungs is pure intoxication. My eyes open to the clear blue skies. The gentle and rare mix of blue and white is the colour of God. He peeps at me from the curtain of the clouds and smiles. The warms rays of that smile warms me up from the pleasant morning cold and adds a little yellow to the blanket of the sky.

I am surrounded by lush green, well watered by the morning dew; red sands and majestically constructed buildings; the love of God and the genius of mankind.

What a beautiful world.

In these few moments, the beauty of life unfolds before my eyes. To be gifted with this view is divine providence. To be alive and healthy enough to appreciate it is proof of love.

I take stock of my life in 2013 even as its curtain closes. I have gone farther in my journey through life and I’m much closer to where I want to be. I have learned to sail with the wind rather than fight against it. My course is plotted by a divine compass and I can sleep through the iceberg-laden ocean with all confidence and not face the fate of the Titanic.

Not because I’m a skilled captain, not because I know my path and where my destination is, but because the force of love steers the wheel.

God is love…and I’m grateful.