The tree has fallen!
That great tree
From which many branches sprung
Lovingly sheltering many
From the harshness of reality
Of the curse of the black race
Weather-beaten, incarcerated
But notions stood firm
Love and reconciliation,
The creeds emblazoned on the rare crest
From the jungle of Mzansi
This gentle lion arose, a king for all
Unblemished by the murky waters
And the gospel of intolerance
Resolute and firm as an ambassador of peace
Donning perfectly the toga of a sacrificial lamb
Our very own Black Jesus
Laying down the foundation
For the politics of love
As opposed to love of politics
Indeed, you are the prototype
Of World statesmanship
The genesis of African leadership
And the epitome of humility and peace
To which the world aspires
May your gentle heart forever inspire us to love
Beyond creed, colour and religion
May your gentle smile
Forever remind us that a peaceful world
Is indeed possible
May your impeccable leadership
Inspire Africa to love herself again
May your legacy of selflessness
Deliver us from the greed of politics

Oke osisi adago
The tree has indeed fallen
Yet the legacy stands tall
To intercede for the children
From the scorching rays of the sun

Adieu Madiba!

For: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
1918 – 2013