The sooner we understand and appreciate the power of words, the better for our future. Words are precisely the medium by which we, by which this world came to be in existence…only they were God’s Words, not ours. So this leads us to the conclusion that words are more meaningful, much more potent than the famous ACTION. This kinda swims against the tide of our physical reality. But why not? Isn’t it also true that all physical manifestations are resultants of spiritual occurrences?

I like to think of it this way; if words are responsible for the existence of this world and everything that has become, then words are rooted in the spirit while actions are strictly physical. This makes so much sense to me. Without words, everything ceases to exist. Words spoken without or words harboured within spur the spirit to harness powers we yet know not of and somehow push all forms to the achievement of that which is said.

Words are Gods. Words are of gods. But we are only men, human with little understanding of things we cannot see, touch, smell and feel. The question then becomes “how do we learn to create, to build, to manifest our desires through words?”

The only way is to know who you are! Interestingly, anyone who seeks to know himself can only do so by knowing his maker. So, invariably, to exercise the power of words to mould our physical reality we must seek to know ourselves and only by striving to know our Creator can we hope to know who we really are.

A simple way to begin the knowing of yourself must then be to appreciate Genesis 1:27 where we are made to understand that “God created mankind in His own image…”. Isn’t that just wonderful! The same Supremacy that made this world come forth created us human to BE like him! So it all makes sense from there: IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE, SEEK TO KNOW THE ONE WHO MADE YOU AND IN WHO’S IMAGE YOU WERE MADE.

Ponder on this. Good morning to y’all.

-Arinze S. Ifi

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