1. Read more, ponder often, speak less but when you speak, do so with brevity, clarity and decisiveness.

2. Love sincerely. Love completely. Love without expectations.

3. Forgive quickly. Don’t allow yourself to be inhibited by a grudging spirit.

4. Dream while awake and work hard in your dreams.

5. Listen to meaningful music. Get the salient messages between the words.

6. Learn constantly, and practice what is learnt with every given opportunity.

7. Make service a priority, with or without incentive.

8. Give for the sake of giving, not to gain favor. Be inclined to give especially to those who can’t repay you.

9. Be rigid with morality but be flexible with everything else.

10. Never judge or discriminate against yourself or others. Correct flaws in a loving fashion rather than with disdain.

11. Give advice and opinion when asked, never before. While you’re at it, know the difference.

12. Spend time each day in stillness. Get comfortable and quiet, meditate on one virtue at a time.

13. Start each day with your God, and end it as such.

14. Let your imaginations run like wild fire. Visualize your burning desires and they will spark up due manifestations.

15. Be cool, calm and collected. Breathe deeply when tense. Be in control before you think, speak or act.

16. Reach out to friends, family, loved once, and those you feel need it. Love is best felt by contact.

I wish you a groundbreaking 2014! Happy New Year!

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