As breathing comes naturally
So does the beating of my gentle heart
Dance to the drums of love and passion
That you inspire
You are the rhythm and harmony in the music
Making my tired head nod in unison
Filling me with the energy to tango
As was done in Rio de la Plata

For some reason, the scars of time past
Evened out as you came in
Like little Casper you crept, coolly
Seeping through with little resistance
My walls of defense crumbled at your voice
Till I was delirious with weakness
And only too eager to surrender
And in your bondage have I blossomed

There is no freedom, for it is a lie
But in your love have I found truth
For the sweetness of your lips has
Liberated me from the bitterness of the past From the deficiency of self-sufficiency
Into the wholesomeness of your presence
The refreshing difference of your intellect
Is a lifelong companion to my aspirations

Your beauty is my proof of good in the world
In a crazy world, you’re my place of peace
My life is beautiful because for you I glow
Like the colourful blanket of the clouds
With the Sun just beneath the horizon
You are imperfect, yet perfect for me
And like your name, you have enriched me

Thanks for opening the blinds of my heart
To a view unknown but yet beautiful

Happy Valentine…