“Dude, are you serious?! You still had her number after what now, two years?” Fizz asked ludicrously as he poured himself a generous shot from the bottle of Hennesey that stood majestically on the glass table.

“If I didn’t know you better, I’d say you’re in love!” Carl added laughing.

“Love? Not an existing word in his dictionary.” Fizz said pointing at Markus laughing; Carl joined in.

Markus was still sort of smouldering after everything that happened the evening before. The story was too damn shameful and embarrassing so he had kept it in for a while but confided in his friends Fizz and Carl when he couldn’t hold it much longer.

They were in his little 3 bedroom duplex in the family mansion which consisted of 3 marble duplexes at the heart of Ikoyi, a sprawling compound of tiled flooring and beautiful gardens bounded by an expansive drive way littered with exotic cars and a swimming pool on each side. They had come in a little after 7am having bade their paramours farewell, still a little drunk from their escapades and in dire need of a step down.

“That fucker of a dude just ruined a fantastic evening I had laid out. She was ready for me, I tell you. I had her eating from my hands.” Markus vibrated.

His mind replayed the infamous evening which he had just recounted. After Veronica ran off, he had just stood there in shock totally bamboozled. The face-capped dude who just claimed to be her husband was heaving and shaking with murderous rage. He was restrained by his friend and two other waiters until the manager and security showed up.

Now these security guys were no-nonsense guys. Markus could tell as they impatiently tapped their batons in their palms waiting for a go from the manager to pummel whoever was responsible for disturbing the peace until the manager recognized him.

“Are you alright sir?” He asked. The manager was a beefy and rotund Lebanese called Arnold who never seemed to stop sweating regardless of whatever atmospheric climate he found himself. They had met a couple of times before at other occasions and he never seemed to forget the guy because he looked and dressed funny and seemed to sweat for a living.

“I’m fine.” He had said impatiently. He had hurriedly left the embarrassing scene as all attention seemed to focus on him. His confidence had taken a big blow and he was determined to remedy it by all means available to him.

He was surprised that bits and pieces of his misadventure had already begun to filter into ears. He recalled with distaste Amanda’s tirade when she called him while he was at the club last night. He was on his fourth glass of Jack when her call came through.

“Hey baby” He had said.

“Don’t baby me!” She screamed, the high pitch of her shrill voice nearly rupturing his eardrums. His regular VIP spot at Club Ntyce was soundproof from the organized madness down stairs.

“Why didn’t you call me, huh? You went in search of your other whores, right? And you thought I wouldn’t hear about it?!”

“Baby, be cool. What are you talking about?” He had said calmly.

“DON’T! Don’t tell me to cool down. You thought I wouldn’t hear about how you went after another man’s wife? How could you go so low?!” She screamed louder.

Shit! He muttered. It wasn’t more than a few hours yet she had already heard. He had chosen a spot on the Mainland for the dinner with Veronica to be out of the prying eyes of the gossip media but that obviously didn’t work.

“You’re drunk. Call me when you sober up.” He said curtly and hung up. Looking at his phone, he decided to switch it off. He didn’t need all that drama right now.

He had leaned back on lounging chairs and let the reverberating sounds of music on the soundproof walls distract him for a minute. He shouldn’t be out tonight, he decided. If Amanda had heard, it wouldn’t be long before everybody else did. He finished up his drink, picked up his half-smoked cigar and his jacket and headed out, leaving behind the half drunk bottle of Jack.

He spotted Carl and Fizz in the company of some ladies at the bar and decided against letting them know he was heading home as they didn’t see him. As he entered his white Porshe Carrera with number plates “Markus 1”, he suddenly realized that the car was too loud for such a clandestine move. He had been plain silly.

“Uh-oh! Look who’s in the news again.” Carl said suddenly, teleporting him back to now.

“What’s that?” He asked warily.

“Your adventure is already on blogs!” Carl said as he scrolled through his iPad, laughing as Fizz joined him. They both read.

“Popular Lagos playboy Markus Adeleye is in the news again and this time, reliable information has it that he got caught with another man’s wife. More details to follow shortly.”

“God, I hate bloggers! Markus groaned.” Is that Linda Ikeji?”

“No. Its Moji Delano.” Carl replied laughing.

“You failed to mention she was married Mark.” Fizz said with disapproval.

“How the fuck was I to know she was married? She wasn’t wearing a ring!” Markus exclaimed in exasperation.

“This complicates things. Your girls will start callin…” Carl was interrupted by the Markus ringing phone. Markus peered at the caller display suspiciously and made an impatient movement. Carl resumed his volley of laughter.

“Its Amanda again. Sometimes I wonder if she has a tail on me.” He muttered and let the phone ring out. Within 10 seconds, the phone was ringing again. He swiftly muted the phone.

“I so don’t wanna be you right now.” Carl said still laughing. “She’s gonna give you hell for this.”

“Fuck her!” Markus said nonchalantly. “Like I give a damn. I’m a lot more bothered about when this gets to my mom. She reads all these fucking blogs.”

“Ha ha, you’re royally screwed man. She’s definitely gonna see this.” Fizz said.

The intercom rang.

“Shit! Hope that’s not my mom.” He picked it up.


“Good morning sir.” It was Tony, the Head of Security at the gate.

“What is it?”

“Miss Amanda is at the gate demanding to see you.” Tony said breathlessly. Markus could hear Amanda’s shrill voice in the background arguing with the other guards.

“What the fuck?!” He exclaimed angrily. “I don’t want to see her and I don’t want her making a scene either. Handle it.” Markus said curtly and hung up.

“Can you believe that bitch is at the gate?!” He exclaimed angrily.

“Oh dear! She must be about to explode from holding all that verbal venom specially reserved for you.” Carl said again.

“Men, shut the fuck up!” He said angrily as he threw on his bathrobe and wore his slippers.

“You’re going to the gate?” Fizz asked.

“The gate? To do what? I’m going to the house see my mom. Its time for some damage control.”

With that, he left his apartment.