Its hard to be a patriot in today’s Nigeria with the psyche of the average Nigerian been bashed on a daily on every side.

Shall we talk about the insensitivity of the ruling class in its bold display of profligacy in the face of mass penury? Or shall we describe the hardship faced on a daily by the common Nigerian in their struggle to eke out a living in the face of infrastructural decay and severe economic hardship?

Shall we paint a picture of how the land has gone from green to red with the all too frequent bloodletting by forces of greed and sabotage that seem determined to foster the extinction of the unlucky middle and lower class as we are reduced to unfortunate statistics? Or shall we discuss how the custodians of power continue to spew total idiocy without regard to the pitiable condition of the governed as they reside on the alternate side of plush reality?

How can we love our nation when there is no place for our dreams? How can we inspire ourselves to hope for the future when we continue to wallow between the threshold of deprivation and survival?

How is it that a nation so blessed can yet be so cursed?

The future is bleak for the beautiful ones unborn for there is no legacy to bequeath. To be born into Nigeria without a silver spoon is to be born into condemnation; it is to be born without a fair shot at greatness; it is to be born to live the all too famous lie that “things will get better”.

Pessimism, you say.

No. Reality more like.

We have evolved the lowest form of adaptability. That is why we lie; that’s how we are comfortable with the lie of how things are. We indulge too often in the greatest opiate of all and reside in a state of perpetual high where we believe that God will come down from heaven and deliver us.

Shebi na only Nigeria dey this world?

What is the way forward?

Where shall we go when this dysfunctional and disjointed family of misfits implodes? What shall we do when this unholy marriage held on by the thinning rope of hope in a shared tragic history snaps? What happens when the blood of the earth we fight and kill each other for drains out?

How can I continue to love you Nigeria when you break my heart everyday?