In the dead of the night, in the light of day
The loud groans of misery and hopelessness
Hangs in the air like a blanket of smoke
Pandemonium is the name of the scenery
Littered with bits and pieces of charred flesh
Covered with entrails that were once functional
The sand is muddy
With the blood of the innocents
And the stray dogs have come out to feed
For yet again, Suya has been made out of men

Our parents are gone
Our siblings are gone
Our friends are dead
And so are our sons and daughters

From the subconscious, I hear the screams
The cries of agony
And the flash of murderous light
The last thing ever to be seen
By the eyes of the unfortunate
The deafening roar of wickedness
The final sound to be heard
By the ears of the unfortunate
Before they were torn apart limb from limb

Survivors lie in shock, in an impromptu bed
Of blood, bones and battered flesh
Ears ringing, balance lost, excruciating pain
Lost limbs and different states of tears
Clothed in blood, theirs and the previously living
Unsure of having joined their ancestors

Our streets have become blasted abattoirs
To quell the bloodthirstiness of the god of war
A legendary drunk for blood
And persistent hunger for human sacrifice
Once again, its demons dissolve into thin air
Not a trace of them
For the guardian is a fool

Weep for them, those who yet live
Rend your garments to the sky
And cry to the high heavens
For the gods have fallen into slumber

A very deep slumber…