There lives a woman
Who touched the lives of many
But one most especially
The tall, dark man
Who searched for what he knew not
By grace, he stood
Continuously believing in all that was good
In a world governed by fear, pain and rot
Who would have thought
That a meeting of chance
Would bring about that glorious victory dance
Fulfillment for which gold couldn’t have bought
Chivalry obscured true vision
Until pure friendship begat love
One so true as that from above
Revealing life’s true mission

It wasn’t just her eyes
That gave insight to her beautiful soul
Neither was it just her voice
The sound of balance and harmony

It was the language she spoke
The language of love
That fulfilled a lifetime of yearning
Perfect communication that touched his soul
And healed scars of wars won and lost

I am that tall, dark man
And you are the woman
That gave the breath of rebirth
And together, we are truly alive

I’d do it all over again…