I Am XAri, Therefore I Think...

All things are connected…including you and I. So when you fight me, in essence you fight yourself. LOVE is the divine force of attraction which seeks to unite all of nature’s connections to the pristine form. Everytime you love, you obey the ultimate law of nature and unify your existence to a new level of wholesomeness.

Love yourself…love everything(everyone) else. By so doing you strengthen the unity of divine form in your existence, thus assuming your innate godlike form, for God is Love and we are products of God’s Love.

Learn to love, so much so that you emit it subconsciously and you will find that all the hostilities of the world around you will miraculously melt away and all things shall sync with your spirit and flow concordantly with your will…which will have become God’s Will.

Your noblest fight in life is against your own mortality which tends to…

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