They were mere words
A logical assembly of letters
Conveying cognitive coherence
Like dry but able hands
Dipping into dry wells
With a little piece of magic
To produce water from air
From the water came colour
And with brush-like fingers
A master piece was created
With her heart as the canvass
Its steady rhythmic beats
Gave inspirational harmony
And the words came to life
From the mouth of the speaker
They lived and brought freedom again
For the soul that longed to see the sun

They were mere words
A logical assembly of letters
With roots from the idea of the Divine
A path to lead all mankind
To the way of love and truth
But words are malleable
And so are the ideas they create
The message of peace
Became the message of war
So did love and truth
As they became hate and lies
Like animals
Man preyed on man
The need to believe in the Supreme
Has become a daily nightmare
For they instill in the gullible mind
A dark purpose
With ludicrous fantasy as reward

They were mere words
A logical assembly of letters
A fresh breath of air
To clear the decay of a decadent past
And provide glimpse of a bright future
Hungrily the people feasted
On the food of hope
In castles built on air
As they cast on happily
The emperors new clothes
Until hope brought despair
But what is a promise
If it is not to be kept?
What is suffering
If it is not to be survived?
Thus the wheels of deceit spins
Enabled by words

Mere words…