It all looks the same, it all feels the same
There is yet cause to be alarmed
To the eye that sees but sees naught
The downward spiral of mankind
As foretold in the days of yore
Mother earth weeps from endless plundering
Even as she is down to her last breath
From carrying the children of mankind
In her bruised and over-used pouch
The same who seek her painful end

The product of civilization and advancement
Has undergone a full circle as it guides us
In our dependent and blindfolded state
Back to our primitive and regressive nature
The power of subliminal messaging
And intolerant trains of thought
Has upset the balance of sanity
As the standard for horror is reset daily
Numbing humanity to its very core
The death of love and kindness

We strive to live, try to dreams achieve
In the midst of an age long conspiracy
That is tailored to suit our needs for a time
Till we are all subjugated in a matrix
Mental prisoners in a world of our making
Or the making some other force
Through the ignorant efforts of renegades
Living under the illusion of enlightenment
Let all eyes see, analyze and understand
That indeed, we are in the end