Ok, I know this article may sound like another conspiracy theory but its something that has been on my mind for a while. How the Ebola virus resurfaced after many years with a much deadlier strain has always bothered me. Forget the cock and bull story about eating bats and the like; I have always believed that it is the product of biological engineering and too many arrows point in that direction.

The fact that the only index case in Nigeria for the spread of the disease was Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian diplomat whose family is tucked away in far away America gives me cause for concern. How we were given the silly excuse that he came to Nigeria because he believed Nigeria had better treatment for Ebola when we had no known case at the time or better health facilities always sounded illogical and fishy. For a man who lived in America to think the Nigerian health care system is so top notch that he came here to get better treatment is the height of undiluted nonsense. Forget that Labaran Maku made spurious claims before Ebola got here; no informed person will take him seriously when its well known that the politicians and the wealthy fly out to other countries to treat the flimsiest of ailments. This is more so, when at the time Sawyer came in, it was well reported in the news that Nigerian doctors were on strike.

This poses two scenarios: if he truly came here because he had heard of Maku’s claims, he must have heard as well that our health care system was crippled as a result of the strike. I’m still at loss at why he chose Nigeria…except it was a purposeful act of bio-terrorism. Thank God for Dr. Adadevoh of blessed memory who virtually had to physically fight him to keep him quarantined and succumbed to disease, we would have been dealing with an epidemic of catastrophic proportions for which we were hilariously unprepared for.

Now, America is preparing a vaccine which is already undergoing testing and I was shocked to find out that America acquired patent for the Ebola virus in 2010! For God’s sake, are you trying to tell me they ran out of things to patent that they had to patent a virus? And by some “strange” happenstance, the disease, a tougher strain of it so happened to resurface in West Africa 2014?!

I was particularly furious some months ago when a collection of African leaders who didn’t have enough problems to contend with in their countries went to a summit in the US on invitation from the American president. They were told they would recieve financial support and they were only too happy to take turns to have a photo session with the American president. I was pained to my marrow. There is this old adage I use to hear a lot when I was younger: Its not enough to give a hungry man fish because he will continue to come back for more. If you want him to be independent, teach him how to catch a fish.

The West has continued to cultivate a mentality of dependence on our African leaders by throwing financial aid their way and these African leaders, daft as they are, are quite content to sit down and wait for handouts and like Esau for a morsel, have sold Africa’s sovereignty. Our leaders have forgotten that nothing goes for nothing. These “greek gifts” from the West come with a price and the price is a new form of slavery; colonialism on a much larger scale.

The only African leader who stood firm and tried to create an African front that would not depend on the West was Ghaddaffi and he was killed. Look at what Libya has become today. How any right thinking person see the West as benevolent constantly baffles me. Their antecedents tell a much more selfish story.

African leaders need to wake up from their financial handout-induced slumber. No country will constantly feed you except they want to own you and look around you today. Is it so wierd to see that we are practically under ownership when we are dependent on foreign investment to drive our economy? We are gradually getting to that stage where foreign nations dictate our local policies, that’s if we are not there already.

Its time to start over. The dream that Ghaddafi had of Africa is what will keep and sustain Africa from the whims and caprices of dubious benevolence. For how long must we continue to be a testing and dumping ground? People are dying everyday from weapons developed and sold by the West and possibly now, genetically engineered diseases.

Its time for Africa to take her destiny in her own hands. It starts with every potential leader of tomorrow. It starts with YOU!

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