Dear youths of Nigeria,

Your nation is at a dire crossroad today. Nigeria is on the brink of total collapse and she requires a service from you.

The days of nonchalance to public affairs are no longer sustainable. I dare you to cast your mind to Nigeria’s not-too-distant past; a time when the country was led by younger men and women compared to what obtains today.

The wind of change has begun to blow in Nigeria and its a good thing. Yes, we are getting more interested in the politics of our nation judging from the level of engagement on social media but voting statistics continue to betray us.

It is still a shame that we for all our grandiose eloquence and political vibrancy and passion still account for a miniscule percentage of those who actually vote at the polls. If this remains the case, do we really have the right to complain about our public officers when we chose to remain indifferent to our civic responsibilities? Has it not been said that people get the leaders they deserve? Do we not deserve good leadership?

My special appeal is to you specifically knowing that the 2015 elections has been set on a day widely celebrated as lover’s day. Please do not trade your civic duty of voting on the 14th of February 2015 for a day and night of fun with your lover. Exercising your civic duty on that day will guarantee more days of celebration of love in this territory known as Nigeria.

I know your hormones are raging and you may think it time to put paid to paper on that lady you have been chasing; I know you’re eager to get a worthy gift from that man who has been chasing you; I know you just want to spend quality time with that person you love, but this is not the time. INEC has chosen to do you no favours this year.

This is the time to secure your future and that of your young and unborn kids. You are literate and tech-savvy; don’t leave the voting in the hands of those who do not know. Elections are not won on social media but on the field.

You cannot afford to the leave 2015 to chance or luck. Let your vote count and let your voice be heard. The change we desire can only start from within and that starts with going out to vote.

For as many of you that have retrieved your PVC’s, the future depends on what you do tomorrow and tomorrow begins on the 14th of February 2015. Come out and vote for the love of your nation.

God bless Nigeria.