So my fiancée showed me this dress a few minutes ago on her phone and asked me what colour it was and I said “blue and black” and she nearly flipped. I didn’t quite understand why until she told me the colour was “white and gold”. For a second, I doubted my sight and had to check again and was relieved that I indeed saw what I saw.

Apparently, this argument has been raging on social media for a while and I found it deeply puzzling that “white and gold” which I believe isn’t the right colour was alarmingly consistent everywhere. I suspected immediately it had something to do with the lighting so suggested we tried a little experiment; a little more flourescent light over her eyes and she saw blue and black and after it, she was back to white and gold.

Well, I’m glad the makers of the dress settled it all after the world nearly ran mad but it raises serious questions as to the very foundation of what we know to be our colour coding.

What if they got it all wrong? What if blue is not blue but something else?!!