Dear Wife-to-be,

In all the fun and craziness I realise I haven’t written you in a while. In fact, I realise I haven’t written anything in a while and I know how much this troubles you because you are my biggest fan.

After deep soul-searching, I realise that I actually haven’t written because of you; my late-blooming talent was the spawn of despair and it was that despair that fueled the ink in my heart. Since we came to be, my soul has known peace and with that peace, the fire to write left.

Don’t despair, dear wife-to-be for I am undergoing a process of reconfiguration where the world we make together soon will be the fire of my inspiration and an inspiration spawned by love is the greatest inspiration of all because it lasts forever.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? A journey that began in the most unlikeliest of places has led us here today; exactly a week from today, we will be making forever vows before God and man. When I look back, I smile without regrets because my experiences, both bad and good helped in shaping me for the you I met when I did.

There is no point to this letter actually. I just wanted to say thank you for riding with me up to this moment; and a thank you in advance for all the riding that remains to be done. I love you – I will strive everyday that I live to be the man you deserve; I will continue to love you and all your beautiful imperfections as you have unconditionally loved mine.

Thank you Lolly Perry…for everything!

Your impatient husband-to-be!