05:53 PM

As I shuttle daily
In rickety cabs whose age and use have stolen cushion
Making a metal deathtrap of a poorly maintained means of conveyance
That ought to have been decommissioned

By an immensely corrupt and inefficient tool of state
That turns a deliberate blind eye to the sharp practice of 7 in a mobile room of 5
Groomed into our psyche by years of economic and domestic abuse

On excavation sites of uneven sand and broken tar ignored by thieving pirates cloaked in mere robes of legitimacy
Who have been brainwashed by colonial fiends, force-feeding an adequate system of plundering
Where brotherhood and nation-ship spirit are the least considerations compared to bottomless stomachs

Knowing very well that in a twinkle of an eye, my means of conveyance on a road of perdition
To a place of meagre earnings could very well be my last
A brutal and unwilling journey to the great beyond
Leaving behind the ones, so loved and so dear
In a state of perpetual mourning

Not for the passing of a single soul who’s light was prematurely extinguished
But for the thousands who surely must face the same fate

At the cruel hands of humanity who have become willing doormen to death
Ushering in unsuspecting brethren to ruin

Deliver us from evil.