I was moved to share my thoughts on this subject after I read an article by a certain writer on twitter. This is not the first time I’ve heard of the mythical secret society Illuminati or how Hollywood and the music industry, notably in the United States of America has become a puppet on the puppet-strings of certain masters who are pushing an agenda supposedly aimed at enthroning evil over good. For a long time, I have been inundated with rumors and stories about how our favorite musical artistes are directed on the instructions of a bunch of faceless individuals who are behind the scenes calling all the shots.

Being who I am, I have been a bit skeptical about everything. First, the now popular practice of associating the illuminati with all things successful is rather annoying. Secondly, we know what rumors are and how the substance of a tale which with the true element gets adulterated in the process of transmission. It is often assumed and rightly so, that rumors gain flesh during transmission and sometimes, depending on the length of the rumor and the amount of transmission agents before it gets to the end user, the original story changes completely. Thirdly, rumors get dispelled over time. But in this case, there has been a certain consistency with the illuminati story that has traveled from many generations even unto the present time, especially as regarding their modus operandi, end game. The fact that such conspiracy theories have increased in tempo and intensity is what takes this out of the realm of rumor mongering. I have had to have a rethink and become more open-minded as to the frightful possibility of their existence.

I first heard about the Illuminati when I heard Tupac Amaru’s posthumously released album, The Don Killuminati (The Seven Day Theory) under the pseudonym of Makavelli released on the 5th of November, 1996. The lyrics of the album was written and recorded in three days and mixing took an additional four days. These are among the very last songs Shakur recorded before his fatal shooting on September 7, 1996. I was a teenage lad then with a very superficial understanding of life to read any meaning into rumors of conspiracy embroiled with his death. I was just a fanatic fan of Tupac Shakur.

My second encounter with this mysterious cult came more recently when the famous and controversial novelist Dan Brown released the prequel to his highly controversial and widely acclaimed novel, The Da Vince Code titled “Angel And Demons”. The novel was pleasantly riveting with a lot of symbolic history and being a fan of history, I “googled” them up and behold, it wasn’t just merely fiction. Not all as recounted by Dan Brown anyway.

Today the stories about the illuminati have become increasingly rampant and their motives have grown more darker and diabolic according to current happenings in the world. So we must ask, what is this society and what are they about?

Historically, the Illuminati was a secret society of highly enlightened men. It was referred to as the Bavarian Illuminati as founded by Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit-taught professor of canon law at the University of Ingolstadt on May 1st, 1776. They also drew members from the Freemasons, another obscure sect. They were eventually chased out of Bavaria by Karl Theodor, who became ruler of Bavaria. They regrouped later and after many internal squabbles, they re-organized and their reputation spread as it was discovered that they sought to establish a “rational state” by infiltrating public offices, in order to hasten what is called “A New World Order”. This New World Order was a plot to eliminate the old social structure which was predominantly based on royalty, and to eliminate church influence over government and law. It has been said that the Bavarian Illuminati died out or were covertly overthrown by a much darker group who have reformulated the agenda to one of world domination but with the same mode of operation; infiltration. This infiltration has purportedly metamorphosed on a larger scale, now involving economies of nations, governments of the world, emerging and sustained conflicts, technology, medicine, the entertainment industry and pretty much any facet of life with the potential of influence.

Since its formation, the illuminati has been manifested in virtually almost every aspect of popular culture; in books and comics, television and movies, games and music. The list of works which seems to be influenced by them is unbelievably innumerable. A number of novelists, playwrights and composers have been alleged to be Illuminati members and this have been reflected in their works. The unabated conspiracy theories surrounding the illuminati has continued to inspire many creative works, even till this day.

In music, rumors abound about some musical greats who were said to be members of the Illuminati. References of the illuminati have been made by great composers such as Ludwig Van Beethoven, and also Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (particularly in his opera titled, The Magic Flute). Contemporary hip hop icons have continuously made references to the conspiracy theories of the illuminati. There were references in Dr. Dre’s “Been there, done that”; Tupac’s last album, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, was thick with references on the subject; Jay-Z’s debut album, Reasonable Doubt; in Korn’s tenth studio album “The Path of Totality” features a track titled “Illuminati” which talks about the organization. The list is endless.

Also, there are even fiercer indications about how the illuminati has gained complete control of the music industry and now fosters its agenda through the musical lyrics and videos of many artists. There has been blood-chilling speculations on how they have destroyed the lives and careers of those who have refused to tow their line.

The mysterious death of Tupac Shakur is one notable case. The circumstances surrounding the release of his last album and its content are suspect. It almost feels as if he was killed to shut him up from revealing a secret; something that tallies which the mode of operation of the illuminati. Most fascinating, is the fact that the perpetrators of the fatal shooting have not been unearthed till this day.

It was reported in a UK based magazine that Aaliyah had a premonition over her untimely death in a recurring dream she had. She died a couple of weeks after that revelation. Rumor also has it that Aaliyah was a target for the illuminati secret society. She was not an “official” member but she did associate with persons who were rumored to have been members. Illuminati investigators have theorized that she was in the process of being initiated into the society but she backed out on the oath thus became a target or a blood sacrifice for fiance’ Damon Dash.

Also, there have been talk of foul play in the death of Pop King, Michael Jackson. It has been alleged that the illuminati were responsible for the death of Michael Jackson after they learned that he had agreed to allow his sold-out United Kingdom concert to be a platform for warning the world of a soon to occur mass genocide event. Investigative journalist Jane Burgermeister filed a complaint with the FBI against the UN and the WHO (world health organization) for among other things, conspiracy to drastically reduce the world’s population by mass extermination through a program of vaccinations against the bogus and lab-engineered swine flu; a precursor to the New World Order.

The authenticity of these speculations may never be verified because if there’s one thing to know about the society is that it thrives in secrecy. And while those Illuminati accusations maintain their persistence, one has to wonder, why the subject of the Illuminati just can’t be removed from the realm of music. Its not surprising though. It’s become the thing to do, especially in the hip hop world for contemporary rappers to reference the secret society or hide a message here and there, and then play dumb or act offended when people wonder about their involvement. It’s hard to blame rappers for stirring the pot a little, seeking to throw in a little controversy in an ocean of uninspiring and puerile music. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with a secret society that is purported to have shadowy power over today’s governmental affairs? The truth is the Illuminati get brought up far too often in music for there to be absolutely no correlation.

Today, illuminati references have assumed a more troubling dimension with many pop artists openly endorsing the illuminati and professing their inclination to the darker side and devil worship. The rock group Fleet Foxes made a chilling statement in a song titled “Helplessness Blues” saying:

“the men who move only in dimly lit halls and determine my future for me.”

Rihanna refers to herself as “princess of illuminati” in her S&M video. There are hidden meanings revealed in the lyric of her hit track with Jay-Z “Umbrella” which turns out to be an enticement to a world of fame and power with the a video so laden with illuminati symbols. Chris Brown’s “Fallen Angel” which appears to be a praise song to “the” fallen angel with hopes and designs of enthroning him again. Then there is Lady Gaga. If there was ever anyone who has done so much without any form of inhibition to fuel the illuminati myth, its her. From her weird fashion tastes, demonic symbolism she affiliates with, to her shocking lyrics in the song “Judas” and even more perverse video clips, one can’t help but wonder in the direction our world is going.

The entertainment industry today advertises fame, glitz and glamour and seems to be targeted at the younger generation. The message of these so-called role models have become bolder and less subtle. The life styles of most of these ‘stars’ are flagrant and unabashed displays of immorality, drugs use, and a total apathy for all things spiritual. In fact, it seems there is a gravitational pull into the attitude of the world towards devil worship. It becomes clear that there is indeed a battle going on and so far, the good side seems to be losing.

The Holy Bible in Jude 1: 4 says;

“For certain people have crept in unnoticed who long ago were designated for this condemnation, ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into sensuality and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.”

This verse aptly describes the mode of operation of the illuminati as they have crept in unnoticed and have perverted the industry. We have to be aware that the devil, the great deceiver who was bold enough to offer the glory of this world to our lord Jesus Christ, for him to worship him and failed has turned to the human race with the intention of stealing the praise, worship and adulation meant for God to himself. So next time you are listening to a song by these “bought” musicians and singing along with rapture and passion, you may just be singing praise songs in honour of the devil.

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