lady in red

It was an ordinary day, a Thursday. It started no different from any other working day. I woke up by 5 and went through the motions of preparing for work, half-asleep until I had my bath. Then began the bus wait with my fellow regular early-rising commuters, the lone bus that arrived and the mad rush that ensued, the traffic as it gathered momentum, the relief at making the journey half-way and finally alighting at the final stop.

My mind at that moment was blank…ok, not totally blank but occupied with the usual unmemorable fly-by-the-moment-stuff. It could be said that at that point, my mind was blank and nothing prepared me for the image that would haunt me for the rest of the day.

It had to be the red dress that made her stand-out from afar. I had taken the really long route to the office because the short-cut to the office could be a dangerous place when it rained, especially when you wear shoes that does not have enough grip and the path becomes a slippery slope strewn with pointy rocks and is bordered by a stream of putrid, dark-coloured water with the occasional bubbles…the much touted Victoria Island.

It definitely was the red dress. My short-sightedness picked out the colour amidst the sea of people as they filed out successfully out of the death-trap which I staunchly refused to pass on this day because of the mild shower of the morning. The first thought that crossed my mind was why a girl dressed like that would pass that dangerous path on this wet morning. Was she a really brave woman or was I a very cautious man?

As I drew closer, I noticed the figure…she was all curves. Naturally, this peaked my interest because I still couldn’t see her face clearly. I subconsciously decided to break the distance between us to see if the face matched that really hot body.

She was walking ahead of me and she looked back. The closest thing behind her was me and I was at least fifteen paces behind. The trajectory of her glance suggested that she was looking in my direction, and then she turned away. My heart skipped a beat when almost immediately, she looked back again. I was certain this time that she was looking at me.

She stopped at a little shop on the road side to buy something. This afforded me some time to catch up and finally feed my curiosity. As I got close to the shop, my legs guided me in the direction of the shop to where she stood even before my head even thought to go there.

Finally just a few breaths away, my eyes scanned her body intently and my head decided that I was, on this so-suddenly-beautiful-morning beholding a classic work of art. She wore black flat shoes on shapely feet and well-structured legs that had the complexion of freshly carved wood and the smoothness of fine sculpture.

The red dress was just above her knees. It was an absolute perfect fit; not ridiculously tight but fitted enough to accentuate the sharp curves that connected her slim waist to her fleshy back side. I was aware of her looking back as I approached the shop. Her face was beautiful and at that moment, I felt fulfilled. There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing a great body matched with a face that ought to be on something else…or somebody else.

Hey eyes were bold; those kinds of bold pretty eyes that reminded me often of pretty little “ajebutta” kids, cute and calm. She had a light make-up on; understandably so considering it was still quite early but it looked perfect on her.

We must have assessed each other for not more than five seconds when she turned her attention back to the Mallam. She was selecting from a wide assortment of sweets he had put on a flat plate when one of the ones she picked fell to the ground and finally settled right where I stood. I swiftly picked it up and handed it over to her.

“Thank you.” She said with a musical voice and a smile that could have powered the planet.

Our hands touched as she took the fallen sweet from my hand and the electric current that passed through from her to me was instantaneous and shocking. I merely nodded and kept a straight face.

She finished her purchase and continued on her way as I continued to admire her. She must have felt my roving eyes caressing her body because she looked back again and smiled at me. I smiled back and turned my attention to the Mallam who had been patiently waiting for me to tell him what I wanted to buy. I hurriedly made a purchase and decided to catch up with her.

My office building was just a stone throw away and I was quite sure that hers was somewhere nearby. I was going to find out.

To my utter dismay, I saw her enter the gates of my office building. I doubled my footsteps and by the time I made it through to the gate and the door and the reception, she was nowhere to be found. I cursed.

I figured that she worked on one of the floors of the office building. If not, she would still have been at the reception filling her name on the Visitor’s Register

The clang of the elevator made me realize that it had just stopped. It was on the fourth floor.

Hmmm, fourth floor.

I took the other elevator to the fourth floor instead of the third. As the elevator doors swung open, I took a peep and there she was, resplendent in her red speaking softly into the phone. She turned and our eyes met again. Her face registered her surprised as much as my heart skipped a beat. I was surprised because I didn’t expect to see her there considering the time that had gone by and somehow, something in me hoped that I wouldn’t.

As I rode a step down, I considered the events that led up to this moment. Normally, a serious chase would have been in effect but time and experience has made me lose a lot of my usual spontaneity and thread more cautiously. Besides, there’s a thing about red that is sexy, yet dangerous. I don’t need danger now – no sir, I don’t! I decided to leave it all to chance. If we ever ran into each other again, the universe would have set the ball rolling for me to get on her case.

Still, after all said and done, the day was well lit by the smile of the beautiful woman in the red dress.

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