In time, you will see that it is inevitable
Like the rotating earth that brings about change of day in the flux of time
Nothing ever remains the same
Even though change is a variant of the same thing
The thirst is there now; I can see it on your parched lips
Just as well as I see the dust and blood that overwhelms your feet, and
The tatters that design your clothes
You have come a long way
Against all odds, you persevered
That which you seek lies before you
But heavily guarded by the evil snarl of the attack dogs and attack lions
Cackling hyenas and swooping vultures
Animals only loyal to their bellies
Doing the silent bidding of he who holds the leash
That man who has been called meek
But has a heart intoxicated by the wine press of Aso
The wine made sweeter by the vituperations of the uncouth mothering bride
And an army of talentless praise singers
They howl and they yell in ecstacy
With shiny bellies portruding from oversized apparels
Having gorged richly from their never-ending plunder
With hands soaked in innocent blood
Gesticulations and meaningless prances are feverish
Like the macabre dance of a shaman earning earnestly his dubious fee
All activities to keep you spellbound
Until your flesh and blood is no more
And your bones sucked of marrow
But the searing pain from bleeding feet remains
The stink of your unwashed hide is overpowering
And the rumble in your stomach cleanses you of fear
You rip off your tatters to feel the sun for what may be the last time
You force a little saliva to moisturize parched lips and summon from that reserve within you, a hidden courage
And with a weak cry of anger, you run towards the enemy
But you are not alone
There is a chorus of angry voices and running feet behind you
You are legion
The enemy cows in fear
You are legion
You have won!